Embed a Workbook and Visualizations in a Dashboard

Embed workbooks in dashboards to share them with analysts.

Before you start, create your workbooks and store them in the catalog. For information about embedding, see Tips on Embedding Workbook Canvases in Dashboards. If your workbook contains more than one canvas, you can choose which canvas you want to display on the dashboard.
  1. On the Home page, click the Page Menu, select Open Classic Home, and then open or create a dashboard to embed the workbook into and save it to Shared Folders.
  2. In the dashboard designer Catalog pane, navigate to the workbook and drag it onto the dashboard canvas.
    For example, you might have stored your visualization workbook in the Shared Folders area in a folder named Workbooks.
  3. To modify the display size or specify which canvas to display, click Properties.
    By default, the last canvas in the workbook is displayed.