Share a Workbook URL with a Specific Canvas Selected

You can create a URL that displays a specific workbook canvas and then share the URL so that other users can display the workbook canvas without having to use the user interface to navigate to the specific workbook canvas.

  1. On the Home page, hover over the workbook containing the canvas that you want to share, click Actions, and select Open
  2. On the Visualize or Present canvas, click the Export icon in the workbook toolbar.Export menu offers social channels
  3. From the Start On list, select a canvas.
    • Use Default Canvas to select the canvas that the workbook opens to based on how the workbook was saved.
    • Use Selected Canvas to select the canvas that you're currently viewing.
  4. Click Copy Link and share the URL with other users.
  5. Optional: Share the QR code to scan and open the workbook URL on a mobile device.