About Visualization Properties

You can customize the appearance and functionality of a visualization by changing its properties.

The options available in the Properties pane depend on the visualization type.

Property Icon Description
Action Action properties icon Use to add a URL to tiles, images, and text box visualizations.
Analytics Analytics properties icon Use to add advanced analytics functions.
Axis Axis properties icon Use to display or hide gridlines, to show or hide horizontal (x) and vertical (y) axis labels, and to update and format the axis label text.
Data Layers Data Layers icon Use with maps and overlay charts to add data layers, and to configure the settings for each data layer.
Date/Time Format Date/Time Format icon Use with date or time elements, to set display and format properties.
Edge Labels Edge Labels icon Use with tables and pivot tables to update the header text for columns, to show or hide headers, to display null values for hierarchies in table columns and in pivot table columns and rows, and to format header text.
Filters Filters icon Use to change and format the filter title and selection names.
General General icon Use to change the title, tooltip, title format, legend, alignment, labels, line type, points settings, tile settings, style background, border, shadow, and other visualization settings.
Map Map icon Use to control the zoom, the data focus, and to scale and select a background map.
Totals Totals icon Use with tables and pivot tables, to position and format totals.
Values Values icon Use to change the display, placement, and format of data labels, and hide and display a Y2 axis.