About Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Data Visualization Desktop provides powerful personal data exploration and visualization in a simple per-user desktop download. Data Visualization Desktop is the perfect tool for quick exploration of sample data from multiple sources or for rapid analyses and investigation of your own local data sets.

Data Visualization Desktop makes it easy to visualize your data so you can focus on exploring interesting data patterns. Just upload data files or connect to Oracle Applications or a database, select the elements that you’re interested in, and let Data Visualization Desktop find the best way to visualize it. Choose from a variety of visualizations to look at data in a specific way.

Data Visualization Desktop also gives you a preview of the self-service visualization capabilities included in Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle's industrial-strength cloud analytics platform. Oracle Analytics Cloud extends the data exploration and visualization experience by offering secure sharing and collaboration across the enterprise, additional data sources, greater scale, and a full mobile experience including proactive self-learning analytics delivered to your device. Try Data Visualization Desktop for personal analytics and to sample a taste of Oracle’s broader analytics portfolio.

Data Visualization Desktop’s benefits include:

  • A personal, single-user desktop application.

  • Offline availability.

  • Completely private analysis.

  • Full control of data source connections.

  • Direct access to on-premises data sources.

  • Lightweight single-file download.

  • No remote server infrastructure.

  • No administration tasks.