Oracle Fusion Middleware Data Visualization Tools Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
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topLabel top label

This tag is deprecated since the parent tag, "gauge", is deprecated. Use dialGauge, ledGauge, or statusMeterGauge instead.

Use the topLabel tag to specify the text and location of a top label, if any, for the gauge. Note: The upperLabelFrame tag controls the background and border of the top label.

Relationship with other tags

The topLabel tag is a child tag of the gauge tag.
The topLabel tag has the following child tag: gaugeFont


The following example shows the XML for a topLabel tag.

         <dvt:gaugeFont name="Tahoma" size="11" color="#3C3C3C" bold="true" italic="false"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
position java.lang.String yes Specifies the location of a top label, if any, for a gauge. Valid values are:
  • LP_NONE - No top label for the gauge.
  • LP_ABOVE_GAUGE - (Default) Displays top label above the gauge.
  • LP_INSIDE_GAUGE - Displays top label inside the gauge. Note: Top, bottom, and metric labels are horizontally centered across a gauge. When these labels are positioned inside a gauge, they are also centered vertically within the gauge plot area.
text java.lang.String yes Text for the topLabel.