CSS Files Included with the Redwood Theme

Oracle JET includes CSS files designed for display on web browsers and hybrid mobile applications that implement Oracle Redwood Design System. In JET, the Redwood theme includes minified and readable versions of the CSS.

Starting in Oracle JET release 9.0.0, application themes are based on Redwood theme, a single design system for both mobile and browser applications that replaces the multiple themes needed in prior releases.

The Redwood CSS is included with the Oracle JET distribution and is located in the /<app_root>/node_modules/@oracle/oraclejet/dist/css/redwood folder. The Redwood CSS distribution contains the following files:

  • oj-redwood.css: Readable version of the CSS for the out of the box Redwood theme

  • oj-redwood-min.css: Minified version of the CSS for the out of the box Redwood theme

In addition, the Redwood theme includes the following CSS:

  • oj-redwood-notag.css: Readable version of the CSS without tag selectors

  • oj-redwood-notag-min.css: Minified version of the CSS without tag selectors.

For additional details about Oracle JET theming and tag selectors, see Disable JET Styling of Base HTML Tags.

If the CSS files provided by Oracle JET are sufficient and you only want to add a few application-specific styles, you may find that adding the classes to app.css in your application’s /src/css folder will meet your needs.

Always use the recommended standards to work with your CSS and themes. For more information, see Best Practices for Using CSS and Themes.


Do not override the style classes in the Oracle JET CSS distribution. The CSS files shipped with Oracle JET are considered private and must not be modified. Such modifications may prevent you from migrating your theme to a future release.