2 Understanding the Web Application Workflow

Developing client-side web applications with Oracle JET is designed to be simple and efficient using the development environment of your choice and Starter Templates to ease the development process.

Oracle JET includes several options for downloading, installing, and creating web applications. Depending upon your application requirements, you can:

  • Use the Oracle JET command-line interface package (ojet-cli) to scaffold a web application containing either a blank template or a complete pre-configured sample application that you can modify as needed.

    With this method, you can use ojet-cli to build the application, serve it in a local web browser, and create a package ready for deployment. This is the preferred approach and recommended if you also plan on creating hybrid mobile applications.


    For additional information about creating hybrid mobile applications, see Understanding the Hybrid Mobile Application Workflow.
  • Download Oracle JET with a Starter Template ready to run and display in your local browser.

    With this method, you can get up and running quickly, but it will be up to you to package and deploy your application, using whatever method is appropriate for your use case.

  • Download the Oracle JET zip distribution which contains the Oracle JET and third-party libraries, CSS and SCSS files, and a RequireJS bootstrap file.

    With this method, you must manually create the index.html or main application file and pull in the appropriate libraries and CSS as needed. This method is best if you want to use your own application design pattern instead of the templates included with the tooling or Oracle JET Starter collection.

  • Add Oracle JET to an existing JavaScript application.

    With this method, you overlay the pieces of Oracle JET that you need to your existing JavaScript application and modify your main application file and scripts as needed.

Whichever method you use to get started creating your web application, you must not use more than one version of Oracle JET to add components to the same HTML document of your web application. Oracle JET does not support running multiple versions of Oracle JET components in the same web page.