Describes how to integrate Enterprise Data Quality with external systems and applications.


This document is intended for advanced users of EDQ and administrators responsible for integrating EDQ with third-party applications.

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EDQ Documentation Library

The following publications are provided to help you install and use EDQ:

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Online Help

Online help is provided for all Enterprise Data Quality user applications. It is accessed in each application by pressing the F1 key or by clicking the Help icons. The main nodes in the Director project browser have integrated links to help pages. To access them, either select a node and then press F1, or right-click on an object in the Project Browser and then select Help. The EDQ processors in the Director Tool Palette have integrated help topics, as well. To access them, right-click on a processor on the canvas and then select Processor Help, or left-click on a processor on the canvas or tool palette and then press F1.


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