Configuring Batch Staging Area for External Integrations

EDQ-PDS is provided with a configured external data source which can be used to read from an external Oracle database table for the data input, and to write back to the same data source with the results.

If integrating with an external system this data source can be used, and the following configuration options can be changed in the provided run profile.

The SERVERID and JOBID columns are used to enable processing of multiple batch jobs in parallel so they need to be edited in the run profile accordingly prior to each job submission; if they are not needed then default values can be used.

######### Staging Data Configuration Parameters For Batch Jobs ###########
# The JNDI data source name and table names may be different dependent on the installation

# Set the ServerID and JobID you are using here - it will be used to obtain data for that specific pair of criteria when processing batch data serverid = SERVERID and jobid = JOBID 

# Where clause for candidate snapshots, to obtain data for specific server and job
phase.*.snapshot.*.where   = serverid = '${serverid}' AND jobid = '${jobid}'
# Export parameters for specific server and job
phase.*.process.*.serverid = ${serverid}
phase.*.process.*.jobid   = ${jobid}
# JNDI data source name for staging schema in database
phase.*.snapshot.*.remotejndi = jdbc/edqstaging
phase.*.export.*.remotejndi  = jdbc/edqstaging
# Table names for candidate staging tables (snapshots)
phase.*.snapshot.Product\ Candidates.table_name = EDQPDS_CANDIDATES_PROD
# Table names for result staging tables (exports)
phase.*.export.Batch\ Matches.table_name                  = EDQPDS_MATCHES
phase.*.export.Batch\ Key\ Generation\ Results.table_name = EDQPDS_CLUSTER_KEYS

# Enablement of exports to result staging tables (these are turned off in PDS by default, uncomment the below to enable)
# job.matchexportenabled = true
# job.keygenerationexportenabled = true
Since it is expected that most users of the EDQ-PDS product will not be integrating with external systems, the exports to the external staging tables are turned off by default. When integrating with an external system, these can either be turned on in the jobs themselves, or enabled in the run profile by setting:
job.matchexportenabled = true
job.keygenerationexportenabled = true