Standardize The Product Name

This consists of:
  • Stripping diacritic characters.

  • Standardizing accented characters – (é to e for example).

  • Upper casing.

  • Replacing characters with spaces and/or stripping characters. The reference data used by this is Match Preparation – Product Name Character Strip/Standardize, by default it strips most non alpha-numeric characters, and replaces brackets and commas with spaces.

  • Standardizes the product name using a replace processor. This uses the Match Preparation – Product Name Token Standardize reference data to replace certain tokens with others. The provided reference data is empty, and it is likely that a customer will want to modify it according to their data. For example, if the data contains descriptions with the colour “WHITE” represented in some places as “WHT”, they could replace “WHT” with “WHITE”.

  • Normalize the whitespace.

The result of this is the productnamestandardized field.