Description of the illustration ashia_dt_065.eps

This figure shows two hosts, APPHOST1 and APPHOST2. An Administration Server instance resides on each. The Administration Server on APPHOST1 has a virtual machine address of machine_0. The Node Manager instance is NMa. APPHOST2 has an identical instance of the Administration Server, machine_0, and Node Manager. However, the APPHOST2 elements are dimmed because they are not active instances. A cluster, named cluster_1, spans both APPHOST1 and APPHOST2. machine_1, with an IP address of ip1, resides on APPHOST1. An instance of Node Manager named NM1 is below it. A Managed Server named server_1 is part of the cluster on APPHOST1. An identical configuration with a machine, Node Manager Instance, and Managed Server, reside on APPHOST2. These are named machine_2 (with ip2 IP address), NM2, and server_2, respectively. Both APPHOST instances are connected to a Shared Storage element that crosses a Firewall.