Manage WebLogic Server Domains

An Oracle WebLogic Server administration domain is a logically related group of Oracle WebLogic Server resources. Domains include a special Oracle WebLogic Server instance called the Administration Server, which is the central point from which you configure and manage all resources in the domain. Usually, you configure a domain to include additional Oracle WebLogic Server instances called Managed Servers. You deploy Web applications, EJBs, Web services, and other resources onto the Managed Servers and use the Administration Server for configuration and management purposes only.

The following describes the steps you can take to manage Oracle WebLogic Server domains:

  1. Understand WebLogic Server domains and domain configuration. More

  2. Monitor WebLogic domains. How?

  3. Control WebLogic domains. How?

  4. Configure WebLogic domains. How?

For more information about creating and configuring Oracle WebLogic Server domains, see: