Manage WebLogic Server Messaging

The WebLogic Server implementation of JMS is an enterprise-class messaging system that is tightly integrated into WebLogic Server. It fully supports the JMS specification, and also provides numerous WebLogic JMS extensions that go beyond the standard JMS APIs.

The following describes the steps you can take to manage WebLogic Server messaging:

  1. Monitor, control, and configure JMS servers. How?

  2. Monitor and control Store-and-Forward agents. How?

  3. Monitor and control JMS resources and modules. How?

  4. Monitor path services. How?

  5. Monitor and configure messaging bridges. How?

  6. Monitor and configure JMS bridge destinations. How?

  7. Monitor and configure persistent stores. How?

For more information on WebLogic JMS and other related WebLogic messaging components, refer to the following guides: