E Stopping Servers and Processes

Before you run the Upgrade Assistant to upgrade your schemas and configurations, you must shut down all of the pre-upgrade processes and servers, including the Administration Server and any managed servers.

An Oracle Fusion Middleware environment can consist of an Oracle WebLogic Server domain, an Administration Server, multiple managed servers, Java components, system components such as Identity Management components, and a database used as a repository for metadata. The components may be dependent on each other, so they must be stopped in the correct order.


The procedures in this section describe how to stop the existing, pre-upgrade servers and processes using the WLST command-line utility or a script. You can also use the Oracle Fusion Middleware Control and the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console. See Starting and Stopping Administration and Managed Servers and Node Manager.

To stop your pre-upgrade Fusion Middleware environment, navigate to the pre-upgrade domain and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Stop System Components

To stop system components, such as Oracle HTTP Server, use the stopComponent script:

  • (UNIX) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME/bin/stopComponent.sh component_name

  • (Windows) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME\bin\stopComponent.cmd component_name

You can stop system components in any order.

Step 2: Stop the Managed Servers

To stop a WebLogic Server Managed Server, use the stopManagedWebLogic script:

  • (UNIX) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME/bin/stopManagedWebLogic.sh managed_server_name admin_url

  • (Windows) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME\bin\stopManagedWebLogic.cmd managed_server_name admin_url

When prompted, enter your user name and password.

Step 3: Stop Oracle Identity Management Components

Stop any Oracle Identity Management components, such as Oracle Internet Directory:
  • (UNIX) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME/bin/stopComponent.sh component_name

  • (Windows) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME\bin\stopComponent.cmd component_name

Step 4: Stop the Administration Server

When you stop the Administration Server, you also stop the processes running in the Administration Server, including the WebLogic Server Administration Console and Fusion Middleware Control.

To stop the Administration Server, use the stopWebLogic script:

  • (UNIX) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME/bin/stopWebLogic.sh

  • (Windows) EXISTING_DOMAIN_HOME\bin\stopWebLogic.cmd

When prompted, enter your user name, password, and the URL of the Administration Server.

Step 5: Stop Node Manager

To stop Node Manager, close the command shell in which it is running.

Alternatively, after setting the nodemanager.properties attribute QuitEnabled to true (the default is false), you can use WLST to connect to Node Manager and shut it down. See stopNodeManager in WLST Command Reference for WebLogic Server.