10 Running a Sample Application

You can load and run a sample application for the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start distribution using the Integrated WebLogic Server's default domain. You can also find sample applications for Oracle Process Management Suite and begin a project for Oracle Stream Analytics.

Creating an Oracle Business Process Management Suite Sample Application

You can find an Oracle Business Process Management Suite tutorial for building an end-to-end loan application at the following URL:


Creating an Oracle Stream Analytics Project in JDeveloper

Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Stream Analytics, and Oracle Event Processing are now compatible. To build and run Oracle Stream Analytics projects in Oracle JDeveloper, see Create an Oracle Event Processing Project in Getting Started with Event Processing for Oracle Stream Analytics.

Next Steps

After you have successfully run a sample application, you can do any of the following actions:

Action Resource

Make or test an application of your own.

See Getting Started with Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper in Developing Applications with Oracle JDeveloper.

Uninstall your current Quick Start distribution.

See Uninstalling Oracle Quick Start.

Install a different Quick Start distribution.

See Introducing the Quick Start Distributions.