Locating and Preparing the RREG Tool

To set up the RREG tool, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to one of the Oracle Access Manager hosts in the Application tier.

  2. Change directory to the following directory in the Oracle Access Manager Oracle home:


    The location is required only for the out-of-band mode.


    In this example, OAM_ORACLE_HOME refers to the Oracle home on the system where the Oracle Access Manager software was installed.


    If the Oracle Enterprise Deployment Guide for IDM was used, OAM_ORACLE_HOME may be /u01/oracle/products/access/iam.


    If you do not have privileges or access to the Oracle Access Manager server, then you can use out-of-band mode to generate the required files and register the WebGate with Oracle Access Manager. See About RREG In-Band and Out-of-Band Mode.
  3. Unzip the RREG.tar.gz file to the required directory.

  4. From the unzipped directory, open the oamreg.sh file and set the following environment variables in the file, as follows:

    • Set OAM_REG_HOME to the absolute path to the directory in which you extracted the contents of RREG archive.

      Set JAVA_HOME to the absolute path of the directory in which a supported JDK is installed on your machine.