Running the RREG Tool in In-Band Mode

To run the RREG Tool in in-band mode:

  1. Navigate to the RREG home directory.

    If you are using in-band mode, the RREG directory is inside the Oracle Access Manager Oracle home:


    If you are using out-of-band mode, then the RREG home directory is the location where you unpacked the RREG archive.

  2. In the RREG home directory, navigate to the bin directory:

    cd RREG_HOME/bin/
  3. Set the permissions of the command so you can execute the file:

    chmod +x
  4. Run the following command:

    ./ inband RREG_HOME/input/OAM11GRequest_edg.xml

In this example:

  • It is assumed the edited OAM11GRequest.xml file is located in the RREG_HOME/input directory.

  • The output from this command will be saved to the following directory:


The following example shows a sample RREG session:

Welcome to OAM Remote Registration Tool!
Parameters passed to the registration tool are: 
Mode: inband
Filename: /u01/oracle/products/fmw/iam_home/oam/server/rreg/client/rreg/input/OAM11GRequest_edg.xml
Enter admin username:weblogic_idm
Username: weblogic_idm
Enter admin password: 
Do you want to enter a Webgate password?(y/n):
Do you want to import an URIs file?(y/n):

Request summary:
OAM11G Agent Name:SOA12213_EDG_AGENT
Base URL:
URL String:null
Registering in Mode:inband
Your registration request is being sent to the Admin server at:

Jul 08, 2015 7:18:13 PM disableAudit
INFO: JpsUtil: isAuditDisabled set to true
Jul 08, 2015 7:18:14 PM disableAudit
INFO: JpsUtil: isAuditDisabled set to true
Inband registration process completed successfully! Output artifacts are created in the output folder.