3 Installing Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start for Developers

During the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start installation, you will use the Integrated WebLogic Server's default domain or create a standalone domain.

Before beginning this installation, you should review Introducing the Quick Start Distributions.


This is where you are in the Quick Start installation and configuration roadmap.

Step Description

Plan your installation

You used Chapter 1 to decide which distribution and configuration path suits your goals.

Download and install a Quick Start distribution

You are downloading and installing Quick Start for Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Business Process Management Suite.

Configure a default or standalone domain

You will configure a default domain or standalone domain for your developed applications.

Develop or test an application

You will develop or test an application.

Downloading the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start Installer

To download the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start installer:
  1. Sign in to the host computer where you want to install your Quick Start installation.
  2. Find and download the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start installer zip file. This is located on the Oracle Technology Network under Oracle SOA Suite Downloads.

    If you cannot find the installers at the specified location, verify the download location in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Download, Installation, and Configuration Readme File.

Launching the Oracle SOA Suite Quick Start Installer

After you have downloaded your distribution and installed a certified JDK, you can launch the Quick Start installer using the following instructions:

  1. Unzip the contents into a location you can find easily. You may have several .jar files.
  2. Using the command prompt, navigate to the directory where you unzipped the .jar files.

    Launch the installation wizard with the appropriate command. The example command shows how to run the SOA Quick Start installer for UNIX and Window:

    • Generic Installer for UNIX
      JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar fmw_12.
    • Generic Installer for Windows
      JAVA_HOME\bin\java.exe -jar fmw_12.


    You can also launch the installer in silent mode to ensure that no configuration options are displayed during the installation process. For more information about silent or command line installation, see Using the Oracle Universal Installer in Silent Mode in Installing Software with the Oracle Universal Installer.

  3. The installation wizard should launch. If you have any problems getting the installer to run, double-check your system preparations.


    Though you may have multiple .jar files, you do not need to run the install command on all of them. You only need to run the above command on fmw_12.

Navigating the Installation Screens

Once you have launched the Quick Start installer, the installation wizard displays the screens described in the following table. If you need additional help with an installation screen, click Help in the installer.

Table 3-1 Quick Start Install Screens

Screen Description


This screen introduces you to the product installer.

Installation Location

Use this screen to specify the location of your Oracle home directory. Ensure that the name of the directory that you choose does not contain spaces.

For more about Oracle Fusion Middleware directory structure, see About the Directories for Installation and Configuration in Planning an Installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Prerequisite Checks

This screen verifies that your system meets the minimum necessary requirements.

Installation Summary

Use this screen to verify the installation options you selected. If you want to save these options to a response file, click Save Response File and provide the location and name of the response file. Response files can be used later in a silent installation situation.

Installation Progress

This screen shows the installation progress.

When the progress bar reaches 100% complete, click Finish to dismiss the installer, or click Next to see a summary.

Installation Complete

This screen appears when the installation is complete. Review the information on this screen.

At the bottom of this screen, there is a checkbox to launch Oracle JDeveloper upon closing the installation wizard.

Oracle recommends that you deselect this box.

Click Finish.

Next Steps

Once you have verified your installation, you should configure a domain. See About Domain Configurations for detailed descriptions of your domain options.

Otherwise, use the following table to help you decide quickly.

Action Resource

Immediately launch the Integrated WebLogic Server to initiate a domain with Java DB.

This option does not require any additional installations.

See Configuring an Integrated WebLogic Server Domain.

Install and configure an Oracle database to work with your Quick Start installation.

This option requires you to install an Oracle database but allows you to use more Oracle SOA Suite components, such as Oracle Managed File Transfer, or Oracle B2B/Healthcare.

See Configuring a Compact Domain.