This document, Administering Zero Downtime Patching Workflows, describes how to move a domain from an existing Oracle home to a patched Oracle home, update to a new Java version, or update applications in a domain without any loss of service. It describes how to create workflows that methodically apply the changes to the servers in the domain while keeping the domain available. It also describes how to monitor the progress of workflow tasks and revert the domain to its previous state.


This document is written for WebLogic Server administrators and operators who are responsible for applying updates to a domain, such as Oracle patches to an Oracle home, new Java versions, or application updates. It is assumed that readers are familiar with the WebLogic Server Administration Console, WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), and the operating system and platform on which Oracle WebLogic Server is installed.

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Guide to This Document

This document is organized as follows:

  • Introduction to Zero Downtime Patching provides an overview of Zero Downtime Patching, including the types of patching workflows that you can create, how the patching workflow proceeds, and how patching is reverted.

  • Preparing for Zero Downtime Patching describes the preliminary steps that must be completed before you can configure a patching workflow.

  • Configuring and Monitoring Workflows describes how to configure a patching workflow that moves a domain to a patched Oracle home, updates the Java version for a domain, updates the applications for a domain, or all three.

  • Modifying Workflows Using Custom Hooks describes how to modify a patching workflow by executing additional scripts at specific extension points in multitenant and non-multitenant rollouts.