Description of the illustration orderapp13.gif

This figure shows the Edit XML Fact dialog. It contains the following fields: Name with value order.CustomerOrder, Alias with value CustomerOrder, Super Class with value Object, Description with value blank, XML Name with value //xs:element[@name='Customer Order'], and Generated From with value file:/C:/JDeveloper/mywork/OrderApprovalApp/OrderApproval/xsd/Order.xsd. This dialog also contains checkboxes Visible and Support XPath Assertion. The Visible checkbox is checked. This dialog contains an Attributes area that contains a dropdown menu of options Properties, Methods, and Fields. The Properties option is selected. Below this drop down menu is a table with the following columns: Alias, Visible, Name, Type, Value Set, List Content Type. Below this table is checkbox Fit Columns To Width which is checked. The table contains five rows. The first row contains Alias value annualSpending, Visible checked, Name value annualSpending, Type value double and Value Set value blank. The second row contains Alias value creditScore, Visible checked, Name value creditScore, Type value int and Value Set value CreditScore. The third row contains Alias value name, Visible checked, Name value name, Type value String and Value Set value OrderAmount. The fourth row contains Alias value order, Visible checked, Name value order, Type value double and Value Set value blank. The fifth row contains Alias value, Visible checked, Name value, Type value String and Value Set value blank.