Description of the illustration orderapp5.gif

This figure shows the Create Business Rules dialog. It contains two tabs: General and Advanced. The General tab is selected. This tab contains the following radio buttons: Create Dictionary and Import Dictionary. Create Dictionary is selected. This tab contains the following fields: Name with value OracleRules1, Package with value orderapproval, and Project with value C:\JDeveloper\mywork\OrderApprovalApp\OrderApproval\OrderApproval.jpr. This tab also contains an Inputs/Outputs table that contains columns: Direction, Name, and Type. The Inputs/Outputs table contains one row with values Input, CustomerOrder, and the XSD type associated with this input. Above the Inputs/Outputs table are icons Add, Delete, Move Up, and Move Down. Only the Add icon is activated. Now that at least one input or output exists, this tab also contains an Expose as Composite Service checkbox that is deselected.