Description of the illustration rddtmov1.gif

This figure shows a Decision Table with 12 rules. This provides a tree view of the Decision Table condition expression. The conditions are as follows in order from top to bottom: C1 Driver.age, C2 Driver.eye_test, and C3 Driver.has_training where Driver.age is the root of the tree. The values for these conditions come from the appropriate value sets. There are two values shown for Driver.age (less than 20 and greater than or equal to 20). Below each Driver.age value, there are three Driver.eye_test values (pass, fail, glasses_required). Below each Driver.eye_test value, there are two Driver.has_training values (true and false).

In the Actions area, there is one action A1 modify Driver. This action sets the eligible property for the Decision Table for each of the 12 possible rules.