Description of the illustration dragdropsource.gif

The image dragdropsource.gif shows the upper left quadrant of the Oracle Managed File Transfer console. On the left is the Designer tab, with seven icons across the top: Create, Open, Rename, Duplicate, Delete, Filter and refresh. Below the icons, two top-level folders are listed vertically: Transfers and Sources. The Transfers folder is open, and below it and indented are five transfer names. The Sources folder is open, and below it and indented are five source names. The first source name, EmbeddedFTP, is highlighted. On the right are the Artifacts Search and Test tabs. Artifacts Search is grayed out and only the tab is visible. The Test tab is active. On the Test tab, from top to bottom, are Test (MFT Transfer), General Information, Transfer Definitions, Source, <add source>, and No Source defined. A grayed copy of the EmbeddedFTP source icon and name are attached to the mouse cursor, which is between the highlighted EmbeddedFTP source on the Designer tab and the <add source> option on the Test tab.