Description of the illustration mftarch.gif

The image mftarch.gif has four regions: left, middle, right, and bottom. The left region shows three cylinders arranged vertically and labeled MDS, RCU, and ESS. The middle region shows a stack of large rectangles labeled MFT Managed Server. On the top of the stack is a table with four columns: 1) Metadata Access, Runtime Instances, Schedules; 2) MFT Console, Administration, Designer, Monitoring/Dashboard; 3) MFT Server, File Processing, Logging and Notifications, (S)FTP Server; 4) Security, Users and Roles, Encryption, Certificates. Spanning the bottom of the table is a rectangle labeled Interfaces. The right region shows two cylinders arranged vertically and labeled Security Store and Cert Store. The bottom region shows four boxes arranged horiaontally and labeled: 1) WebService, SOA, SOAP, Service Bus; 2) FTP/SSH, File, Client; 3) Transport, B2B, Healthcare; 4) JCA, File/FTP, Adapters.