What's New in This Guide

The following new features have been added to Oracle Managed File Transfer:

  • Note:

    This feature is available in 12c ( only if you have installed patch 32395225. Additionally, to update the MFT Composer online help to reflect these changes, you must install patch 32463347. Sign in to My Oracle Support and search for the patch numbers to locate and download the patches.

    In 12c ( You can select a new source and target type, OCI Storage Cloud Service, to transfer data to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See OCI Storage Cloud Service Source Type and OCI Storage Cloud Service Target Type.

    Before you can use the OCI Storage Cloud Service type, you must import an RSA key of PEM format to connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Importing a Key.

For a list of known issues and workarounds, see Known Issues and Workarounds in Release Notes for Oracle Managed File Transfer.