Description of the illustration jisec_dt_008.gif

This diagram shows the connection between the applications and the security stores, and the tools that you can use to manage them. There are three main sections. On the top, there are three boxes labeled APM (Application Policy and Role Management), EM (Enterprise Manager Configuration Management and Security Artifact Management), and OIM (Identity and Enterprise Role Management). These are the management tools. Beneath the tools there are three repositories named OPSS Security Store, Identity Store, and Oracle RDBMS. The APM and EM boxes have an arrow to the OPSS Security Store, and the OIM box has an arrow to the Identity Store. On the left side, there are two boxes labeled OAM Single Sign On and WLS Container. In the WLS container there are smaller boxes: Applications on the top, Fusion Middleware products such as ADF, SOA, WebCenter, and BI underneath that, then the OWSM Agent, SPML, and OPSS as the bottom layer. There are arrows from the WLS Container box to the OAM single sign-on box (for authentication) and to each of the three repositories: the security store for authorization, credential keys, and audit; the Identity Store for user and role profile; and the Oracle RDBMS for data security application transaction data.