1 Introduction and Roadmap

This document describes Oracle WebLogic Server domains and how they are configured. A domain is the basic administration unit for Oracle WebLogic Server. A domain consists of one or more Oracle WebLogic Server instances (and their associated resources) that you manage with a single Administration Server.

The following sections describe the contents and organization of this guide—Understanding Domain Configuration for Oracle WebLogic Server.

Guide to this Document

Samples and Tutorials

In addition to this document, Oracle provides code samples that are relevant to domain configuration and administration.

  • The WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) examples show how to automate the creation of domains using WLST. See WLST Sample Scripts in Understanding the WebLogic Scripting Tool.

  • The Avitek Medical Records Sample Application is an Oracle WebLogic Server sample application suite that concisely demonstrates all aspects of the Java EE platform. To start this sample application, invoke the startWeblogic script in:


    where ORACLE_HOME is the directory you specified as the Oracle Home when you installed Oracle WebLogic Server.

New and Changed Features in This Release

For a comprehensive listing of the new Oracle WebLogic Server features introduced in this release, see What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server.