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Control the Y-axis range

Before you begin

Display or create a view, as explained in Display views.

For general information about Monitoring Dashboard charts, see The Parts of a Chart.

By default, the minimum and maximum values of a chart's Y-axis — that is, its range — is not set until the first metric value is displayed. As metric values arrive and are plotted in the chart, the Y-axis range is adjusted automatically so that those metric values fall within that range. However, you can disable automatic Y-axis range adjustment and specify minimum and maximum values for the Y-axis that remain fixed.

Likewise, if a chart has a fixed Y-axis range, you can restore automatic adjustment.

To control a chart's Y-axis range:

  1. Select the chart.
  2. Choose Properties from the chart menu.

    The Chart Properties dialog box is displayed.

  3. If you want to specify fixed minimum and maximum Y-axis range values:
    1. De-select Set Y-axis Range Automatically.
    2. In the field labeled Y-axis Max., set the fixed maximum Y-range value.
    3. In the field labeled Y-axis Min., set the fixed minimum Y-range value.
  4. If you want to enable automatic Y-axis adjustment, select Set Y-axis Range Automatically.

    The minimum and maximum values set prior are ignored.

  5. Click OK.


Changes to a chart's Y-axis range remain in effect for a user until the user changes them.

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