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Display items in the Metric Browser

For background information about the Metric Browser, see Metric Browser.

The Metric Browser shows the MBean types, currently registered and active instances of those types, and metrics (run-time MBean attribute containing metric data) for the selected server. By default, the Metric Browser displays this information only for MBean types that have currently active instances and metric attributes.

When focus is shifted to an item in the Metric Browser, a note window is displayed to provide details about it. For information, see Display summary notes about items in the Monitoring Dashboard.

To display and select items in the Metric Browser:

After you finish

To select a metric to be added to a chart, you must first select the specific MBean instance to which the metric corresponds. Once the MBean instance has been selected, the metrics for that instance are available to be added to the chart. For information, see Add metrics to a chart.

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