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Start and stop views

Before you begin

See Launch the Monitoring Dashboard.

When you start a view, that view becomes active. All charts in an active view that are configured with a current time range (the default) are updated with new metric values at each sample interval.

Note that the value of a metric in a current time range chart is polled only once by the Monitoring Dashboard, even if the metric has been added to multiple charts and views.

Data for custom time-range charts, which display the values of collected metrics, is retrieved from the Archive (see Set chart time range). You do not need to start a view to display data in custom time range charts. For information about how the dashboard displays metric data in views, see Understanding How Metrics Are Collected and Presented.

If you stop all views, all polling activity in the Monitoring Dashboard stops.


When a view has been started, polling commences for all current time range charts.

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