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Work with charts in the Monitoring Dashboard

Before you begin

Launch the Monitoring Dashboard and display or create a view, as explained in Display views.

A view in the Monitoring Dashboard displays one or more charts that contain runtime MBean attributes with numeric or Boolean values that are useful to measure, either as their current values or as their changes over time. These values, referred to in the Monitoring Dashboard as metrics, originate from either of the following sources:

Note that an individual metric is scoped to only a single server.

Charts can show either the current time range values of active runtime MBean instances, or values from an earlier time range. Current time range charts work with all metric types (that is, you don't have to have first gathered collected metrics in the Archive), but charts that display collected metrics need to be configured with a custom time range. To configure a custom time range for a chart, see Set individual chart properties. For more information, see About Metrics and Chart Types.

When working with charts, the main tasks you perform include the following:


Charts, and the changes you make to them, are automatically persisted and in effect only for your user account and only in the current domain. They are available to you the next time you launch the Monitoring Dashboard. Note, however, that polled metric values that are displayed in built-in and custom views are not persisted after you close the Monitoring Dashboard window. For more information, see Using the Monitoring Dashboard

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