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Analyze request performance

Before you begin

Prior to displaying request performance data on the Diagnostics Request Performance page, you must first configure WLDF instrumentation to use the ElapsedTimeAction diagnostic action attached to "Around" diagnostic monitors. Only data from the ElapsedTimeAction action is shown on this page. For information, see Configuring Instrumentation and Creating Request Performance Data in Configuring and Using the Diagnostics Framework for Oracle WebLogic Server.

The Diagnostics Request Performance page shows real-time and historical views of method performance information that is captured through the WLDF instrumentation capabilities.

To view request performance information:

  1. Make sure WLDF instrumentation has been configured to make instrumentation data available, as described at the beginning of this help topic. If instrumentation is not configured and enabled for the selected server, no data can be displayed.
  2. Start the Console.
  3. In the Environments panel, select Diagnostics > Request Performance.

    The Diagnostics Request Performance page is displayed.

  4. Select a server.
  5. Select a time interval for obtaining request data.
  6. Display requests and methods.

After you finish

You can display details about requests, method invocations, and instrumentation events. For information, see the following topics:

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