1 Get Started with Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS

Learn about the Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS offers and the process of selecting an offer.

About Deploying Oracle WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure IaaS

Oracle is committed to enabling you to embrace cloud computing by providing greater choice and flexibility in how you deploy Oracle software. In support of that commitment, Oracle has created several ready-to-deploy Azure applications in the Azure Marketplace that include pre-installed Oracle software. You can use these applications to create virtual machines in your Azure environment and run your applications on Oracle software.

This document describes how to use Oracle WebLogic Server 12c image hosted on Microsoft Azure IaaS. You can find these offers in the Azure Marketplace by searching for Oracle WebLogic Server.

The Azure applications include the following pre-installed products:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (

  • Oracle JDK 8u131

  • Oracle Linux 7.4

When you create an Azure application based on the WebLogic Server 12c image, you use it just as you would use it on an on-premise virtual or physical machine. All of the configuration and management tooling is available.

These applications are Bring Your Own License (BYOL). You must have an appropriate license to run Oracle software. See the following links for more information:

In addition, refer to your agreement with Oracle for details on software that you are licensed to use.

About WebLogic Server Virtual Machine Directory Structure

The following table shows the Oracle-specific directory structure for each virtual machine that is created using the Oracle WebLogic Server image.

When referring to Oracle WebLogic Server documentation, substitute these paths for the directory variables in the documentation.

Table 1-1 WebLogic Server Virtual Machine Directories

Directory Variable Purpose Directory Path


Oracle home directory



WebLogic Server home directory



Java home directory



Directory where the domains you configure are created