Restart Node Manager



Restart NodeManager. The java based NodeManager process will exit and the startNodeManager script will detect the need to restart and will restart the NodeManager using the same original call path that was used to start the NodeManager. If this call path was using a symbolic link, then the NodeManager will be started from the location of the symbolic link which may have the affect of starting the NodeManager with an updated set of binaries or scripts.

This method supports both asynchronous and best effort synchronous invocations. The behavior is controlled by the 'Prefer' header.


Supported Media Types
Path Parameters
Header Parameters
  • The 'Prefer' header parameter can be used to specify the preference on how this method runs. A value of 'respond-async' specifies a preference to submit the request and return immediately without waiting for completion. Alternatively a value of 'wait=#seconds' specifies a preference to wait for #seconds for method completion before returning. If the Prefer header is not specified or invalid, then a 300 second wait will be used.
  • The 'X-Requested-By' header is used to protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. The value is an arbitrary name such as 'MyClient'.
Body ()

Must contain the following fields:

Root Schema : Arguments
Type: object
Title: Arguments
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  • Type: basic
    Description: A user in the Admin security role.
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Supported Media Types

200 Response

Returns the following fields:

Body ()
Root Schema : Return
Type: object
Title: Return
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Nested Schema : Workflow Task Runtime Reference
Type: array
Title: Workflow Task Runtime Reference
Contains the workflow task runtime reference.

Returns the action's result.

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