Description of the illustration approllout-external.png

This illustration contains four boxes labeled (from left to right) Node A, Node 1, Node 2, and Node 3. The Node A box contains two boxes, which are (from top to bottom), Admin Server and Patched Source. The AdminServer box contains an App Source box to indicate that this is where the application source is located. There is another box below the Node A box to represent the repository where the application source and patched application source reside (represented by App Source and Patched Source boxes). The Node 1 through Node 3 boxes each contain three boxes, which are (from top to bottom), Managed Server, Managed Server, and Patched Source. There is an arrow pointing from the Repository under Node A to the Patched Source box on all four nodes to indicate that the patched application is copied from the repository to each node in the domain. During the rollout process, the App Source on the Admin Server and each Managed Server will be replaced by the patched source.