Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit

Enables you to migrate your existing applications, manage and update your domains, deploy and update your applications, monitor them, persist the logs, and automate the creation and patching of images. Integration between the tools allows to automate updates through CI/CD processes. WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit includes the following tools.

WebLogic Server Remote Console [New!]

A lightweight, open source console to manage your WebLogic Server domain running anywhere, such as on a physical or virtual machine, in a container, Kubernetes, or in the Oracle Cloud. The Remote Console does not need to be collocated with the WebLogic Server domain. You can install and run the Remote Console anywhere. Simply start the console server, display the console in your browser, and connect to the Administration Server of the domain using WebLogic REST APIs.

The Remote Console is fully supported with WebLogic Server,, and 14.1.1.

Oracle WebLogic Deploy Tooling (WDT)

Allows users to lift-and-shift their existing domain configurations and applications from physical machines and VMs to Images and Kubernetes. It provides maximum flexibility by supporting a wide range of WebLogic Server versions, on both Windows and UNIX systems. WDT makes the automation of WebLogic Server domain provisioning, updates, and application deployment easy!

Oracle WebLogic Image Tool

Open source tool that allows you to automate building, patching, and updating your WebLogic Server Docker images, including your own customized images. It can be scripted and used in CI/CD processes.

Oracle WebLogic Kubernetes Operator

Extends Kubernetes to enable creation, configuration, and management of a WebLogic Server domain. The Operator creates the Kubernetes services, channels, ports, and performs configuration overrides to enable communication of the WebLogic Servers running in Kubernetes as well as with databases, clients, or processes running outside the Kubernetes cluster. The Operator supports Kubernetes idioms for example Selectors, Init Containers, Side Cars, and Custom Resources.

Oracle WebLogic Monitoring Exporter

Exports WebLogic Server metrics to Prometheus where domains and deployments can be monitored and seen in Grafana dashboards. It uses the WebLogic Server RESTful Management Interface for accessing runtime state and metrics. With a single HTTP query, and no special setup, it provides an easy way to select the metrics to monitor for a managed server. Policies can be defined in Prometheus based on the WebLogic metrics to auto scale the WebLogic Cluster.

Oracle WebLogic Logging Exporter

Provides an easy to configure, robust, and production-ready solution to access WLS log information through Elasticsearch and Kibana.