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Replicat for trail file formats prior to 12c (


Use the ASSUMETARGETDEFS parameter when the source and target objects specified in a MAP statement have identical column structure, such as when synchronizing a hot site. It directs Oracle GoldenGate to assume that the data definitions of the source and target objects are identical, and to refer to the target definitions when metadata is needed for the source data.

When source and target tables have dissimilar structures, do not use ASSUMETARGETDEFS. Create a data-definitions file for the source object, and specify the definitions file with the SOURCEDEFS parameter. See SOURCEDEFS for more information. Do not use ASSUMETARGETDEFS and SOURCEDEFS in the same parameter file.

See Administering Oracle GoldenGate for more information about metadata and how it applies to Oracle GoldenGate.





By default, the table definitions from the metadata records override the definitions from any ASSUMETARGETDEFS file.

Specify OVERRIDE to request Replicat to use the definitions from the target database as the definitions for the trail records.