Other Operating System Requirements

The following additional features of the operating system must be available to support Oracle GoldenGate.

  • To use Oracle GoldenGate user exits, install the C/C++ Compiler, which creates the programs in the required shared object or DLL.

  • Gzip to decompress the Oracle GoldenGate installation files. Otherwise, you must unzip the installation on a PC by using a Windows-based product, and then FTP it to the AIX, DB2 for i, or DB2 z/OS platforms.

  • For best results on DB2 platforms, apply high impact (HIPER) maintenance on a regular basis staying within one year of the current maintenance release. The HIPER process identifies defects that could affect data availability or integrity. IBM provides Program Temporary Fixes (PTF) to correct defects found in DB2 for i and DB2 z/OS.

  • Before installing Oracle GoldenGate on a Windows system, install the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 Redistributable Package and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package. These packages install runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries that are required for Oracle GoldenGate processes.

    Download and install the x64 version of Visual C++ 2013 package from :


    Download and install the x64 version of Visual C++ 2017 package from


  • For Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle to be installed on a remote hub server, download and install the Oracle Database 19c client for the operating system platform where Oracle GoldenGate will be installed and ensure that you install the Administrator version of the client.