Performing an Interactive Installation with OUI

The interactive installation provides a graphical user interface that prompts for the required installation information. These instructions apply to new installations as well as upgrades. However, to perform an upgrade to Oracle GoldenGate, follow the instructions in Upgrading Oracle GoldenGate, which includes a prompt to run OUI at the appropriate time.

  1. Expand the installation file.
  2. From the expanded directory, run the runInstaller program on UNIX or Linux, or run setup.exe on Windows.
  3. On the Select Installation Option page, select the Oracle GoldenGate version to install, and then click Next to continue.
  4. On the Specify Installation Details page, specify the following:
    • For Software Location, specify the Oracle GoldenGate installation directory. It can be a new or existing directory that is empty and has the amount of disk space shown on the screen or in the existing Oracle GoldenGate installation location (if you are upgrading an existing Oracle GoldenGate installation). The default location is under the installing user's home directory, but Oracle recommends changing it to a local directory that is not mounted and has no quotas. The specified directory cannot be a registered home in the Oracle central inventory. If installing in a cluster, install Oracle GoldenGate on local storage on each node in the cluster to provide high availability options for upgrading and software patching.


      The software location path cannot contain any spaces.
    • (Optional) Select Start Manager to perform configuration functions, such as creating the Oracle GoldenGate subdirectories in the installation location, setting library paths, and starting Manager on the specified port number. To proceed, a database must exist on the system. When Start Manager is selected, the Database Location and Manager Port fields are displayed.

      • For Database Location, the database version in the specified location must be Oracle Database 12c if you are installing Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Database 12c or Oracle Database 11g if you are installing Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Database11g. The database must have a registered home in the Oracle central inventory. The installer registers the Oracle GoldenGate home directory with the central inventory.

      • For Manager Port, accept the default port number or enter a different unreserved, unrestricted port number for the Manager process to use for interprocess communication. The default port is the first available one starting with 7809. If you are installing multiple instances of Oracle GoldenGate on the same system, each must use a different port number.

    • Click Next to continue. If this is an upgrade to an existing Oracle GoldenGate installation, OUI prompts that the selected software location has files or directories. Click Yes.

  5. The Create Inventory page is displayed if this is the first Oracle product to be installed from OUI on a host that does not have a central inventory.
    • For Inventory Directory, specify a directory for the central inventory. It can be a new directory or an existing directory that is empty and has the amount of disk space shown on the screen. The directory cannot be on a shared drive.

    • Select an operating system group in which the members have write permission to the inventory directory. This group is used to add inventory information to the Oracle GoldenGate subfolder.

  6. On the Summary page, confirm that there is enough space for the installation and that the installation selections are correct. Optionally, click Save Response File to save the installation information to a response file. You can run the installer from the command line with this file as input to duplicate the results of a successful installation on other systems. You can edit this file or create a new one from a template. See Performing a Silent Installation with OUI.
  7. Click Install to begin the installation or Back to go back and change any input specifications. When upgrading an existing Oracle GoldenGate installation, OUI notifies you that the software location has files or directories. Click Yes to continue. You are notified when the installation is finished.
  8. If you created a central inventory directory, you are prompted to run the INVENTORY_LOCATION/orainstRoot.sh script. This script must be executed as the root operating system user. This script establishes the inventory data and creates subdirectories for Oracle GoldenGate.