I.3.1.1 Reading Transaction Logs Through the RDBMS

Use the TRANLOGOPTIONS parameter with the DBLOGREADER option in the Extract parameter file if the RDBMS is Oracle or Oracle or later 11g R2 versions.

An API is available in those releases (but not in Oracle 11g R1 versions) that uses the database server to access the redo and archive logs. When used, this API enables Extract to use a read buffer size of up to 4 MB in size. A larger buffer may improve the performance of Extract when redo rate is high. You can use the DBLOGREADERBUFSIZE option of TRANLOGOPTIONS to specify a buffer size.


DBLOGREADER also can be used when the redo and archive logs are on regular disk or on a raw device.

When using DBLOGREADER and using Oracle Data Vault, grant the DV_GOLDENGATE_REDO_ACCESS Role to the Extract database user in addition to the privileges that are listed in Establishing Oracle GoldenGate Credentials.