2 Column Conversion Functions

The column conversion functions of Oracle GoldenGate enable you to manipulate source values into the appropriate format for target columns.

You can manipulate numbers and characters, perform tests, extract parameter values, return environment information, and more. For more information about using these functions, see Administering Oracle GoldenGate.


2.1 Summary of Column-Conversion Functions

This summary is organized according to the types of processing that can be performed with the Oracle GoldenGate functions.

These functions are used to perform tests.

Function Description


Selects a value depending on a series of value tests.


Selects a value based on a series of independent tests.


Selects one of two values depending on whether a conditional statement returns TRUE or FALSE.

These functions handle missing columns.

Function Description


Returns an indicator that a column is MISSING, NULL, or INVALID.


Performs conditional calculations to test whether a column is PRESENT, MISSING, NULL, or INVALID.

These functions work with dates.

Function Description


Returns a date and time based on the format passed into the source column.


Returns the difference between two dates or datetimes.


Returns the current date and time.

These functions are used to perform arithmetic calculations.

Function Description


Returns the result of an arithmetic expression.

These functions work with strings.

Function Description


Converts a binary string into a number.


Converts a string into a number.


Concatenates one or more strings.


Compares two strings.


Extracts a portion of a string.


Determines whether or not two strings are equal.


Finds the occurrence of a string within a string.


Returns the length of a string.


Trims leading spaces.


Concatenates one or more strings to a maximum length.


Compares two strings based on a specified number of characters.


Converts a number into a string.


Trims trailing spaces.


Substitutes one string for another.


Trims leading and trailing spaces.


Changes a string to uppercase.


Compares a string or string column to a list of values.

These are miscellaneous functions.

Function Description


Returns the after image of the specified column.


Returns the before image of the specified column.


Returns the before image of the specified column, if available, otherwise returns the after image.


Maintains source binary data as binary data in the target column when the source column is defined as a character column.


Converts a binary string to a hexadecimal string.


Returns environmental information.


Extracts parameters from a stored procedure as input to a FILTER or COLMAP clause.


Converts a hexadecimal string to a binary string.


Constrains a value to a high or  low value.


Divides rows into multiple groups of data for parallel processing.  


Retrieves token data from a trail record header.


Hashes some fields while replicating them to Operational Data Store.