1.122 OBEY

Valid For

Extract and Replicat


Use the OBEY parameter to retrieve parameter settings from a file other than the current parameter file.

To use OBEY, create and save a parameter file that contains the parameters that you want to retrieve. This is known as an OBEY file. You can create a library of OBEY files that contain different, frequently used parameter settings. Then, use the OBEY parameter in the active parameter file to invoke the parameters in the OBEY file.

Upon encountering an OBEY parameter in the active parameter file, Oracle GoldenGate processes the parameters from the OBEY file and then returns to the active parameter file to process any remaining parameters.

OBEY statements cannot be nested within other OBEY statements.

Instead of using OBEY, or in addition to it, you can use Oracle GoldenGate macros to retrieve frequently used parameters. For more information about using macros, see the Administering Oracle GoldenGate.




OBEY file

The relative or fully qualified name of the file from which to retrieve parameters or commands.


OBEY /home/ogg/myparams