A Concepts and Terminology

Understand the concepts and terms associated with Oracle GoldenGate Studio.
Term Description


An Oracle GoldenGate process that writes the changes captured in a trail file to a target data server.


Functionality that makes mapping recommendations based on pattern matching of schema, table and column names, and data types.


Name of a solution template that has a single source and single target with replication paths in both directions.

Business Entity

Logical representation of data that records a business or agency activity, usually regarding the sale, distribution, or development of a product or a service.


An Oracle GoldenGate process that writes records relating to change data from a source system (database or JMS queue) into binary files (trails).


Conflict Detection and Resolution. A specific use case of error detection and response logic found typically in bidirectional and Active-Active solutions.

Column Mapping

The mapping of columns and fields between two tables or other data entities.

Conflict Detection

A specific use case of error detection.

Conflict Resolution

A specific use case of error response.


Information used to attach to a data server or Oracle GoldenGate instance.


Name of a solution template where many sources map to a single target.

Credential Store

The Oracle GoldenGate credential store manages user IDs and their encrypted passwords (together known as credentials) that are used by Oracle GoldenGate processes to interact with a database.

Data Entity

Typically a table but any data object that can be replicated including a sequence but not replicated logic such as procedures.

Data Server

Most commonly a database but can be any external (to GoldenGate) source or target of data (for example JMS). They contain information about data entities that are replicated (for example tables) as well as procedural logic that affect data for example triggers and procedures). Can be used as a source or target.

Data server login credentials

Username and password to access data server.


Data definition language statements that can be replicated between similar databases.


Physical architecture bound to a logical design that contains one or more profiles.

Deployment Assistant

A sequence of dialog boxes that leads the user through creating a physical deployment, then allows the user to assign GoldenGate instances to the replication paths, and provides additional deployment options such as perform initial load.

Deployment History

Contains a historical manifest of deployments and can be viewed in the context of a project, solution, deployment, or a single deployment profile.

Deployment Profile

The physical architecture plus the physical properties of specific processes (their names, behavior options, environmental settings) It contains the details that binds the logical design to the physical architecture.

Deployment Template

The physical relationship of data servers, GoldenGate instances, and hosts.


Text field that contains the name and description for a Project, Solution, or Deployment.


Name of a solution template that has a single source and multiple targets.

Document Tab

Tabs along the top of the interface that display solutions, library mappings, and library logic.

Editor Tab

Tab located at the bottom of the interface that is subordinate to the Document Tab.

Exception Mapping

One or more auxiliary mappings that are invoked only when the primary mapping encounters an error.


Component of mapping to define rules to omit rows.


An interface construct used to select and visually organize related objects such as, mappings, logic, and connections.


Oracle GoldenGate built-in logic constructs that can act on change data or metadata resulting in the transformation, inclusion, or exclusion of column data. Used in the expression editor.

Oracle GoldenGate Agent

Heavy weight agent designed to monitor Oracle GoldenGate instances with minimal management capabilities.

Oracle GoldenGate Gallery

A sequence of dialog boxes that leads the user through creating new Oracle GoldenGate Studio Projects, Solutions, Deployments, and Connections.

Oracle GoldenGate Instances

The connection details for an Oracle GoldenGate Instance available in the Resources Navigator.

Oracle GoldenGate processes

Processes and services that are part of the GoldenGate instance used for capturing, transferring, modifying, and applying data.

Hub and Spoke

Name of a solution template. Distributed data model consisting of connections arranged like a wheel, in which all traffic moves along the spokes connected to the hub at the center.

Initial Load

The copying of data between systems before changes to that data are applied.


A collection of shared mappings or logic code that can be used in more than one solution or project.

Logic library

Logic code used in mapping and error handling that can be used in more than one solution or project.

Logical Design

One or more data servers with connected replication paths.

Mapping Library

A collection of maps that can be used in more than one solution or project.


The assignment of one or more data entities to another or one or more statements to a data server.


First-level construct containing the mapping of data entities, statements, and the associated logic that is not shared beyond the local solution.


Name of an editor level tab under solution that provides high-level details of the solution as well as control over the access privileges.


The set of all configurable items relating to the runtime behavior of Oracle GoldenGate processes used in replicating and loading data. Broken down into several areas, the most significant relating to the mapping logic.


The highest level object that contains Oracle GoldenGate solutions.

Project Wizard

A sequence of dialog boxes that leads the user through creating a new project.

Projects Navigator

The interface used to select Oracle GoldenGate Studio projects.

Properties Inspector

Shows attributes of selected artifacts and provide a means to change, add, or remove those attributes.

Replication Path

The path denoting one direction of change data as it moves between data servers. Two data servers can have from zero to two direct replication path connections, but only one path in each direction.

Replication Source

Data server from which data is read, copied, and transmitted.


Data Server and Oracle GoldenGate connections and mapping library.

Resource Assignment

The act of assigning physical resources.

Resources Navigator

Interface used to select Oracle GoldenGate Studio resources.

Schema Mapping

The mapping of schemas and tables.

Security Navigator

The interface used to select Oracle GoldenGate Studio security options.


A deployable object that represents a replication design. The design view describes data servers, replication paths, mappings, and a logical design. The deployment profile describes the resource assignments involved in the physical design. Solutions can contain more than one deployment profile. A single solution design can be deployed to any number of physical systems by creating a deployment profile for each physical system.

Solution Wizard

A sequence of dialog boxes that leads the user through creating a new solution by providing a menu of common solution templates, and then allows the user to add existing mappings, bind data server connections to the logical design, and finally include mappings from the mapping library.

Solution Navigator

The interface used to select Oracle GoldenGate Studio solutions, mappings, logic, and deployments.

Solution Templates

Preconfigured solution templates are provided.

Structure Panel

Auxiliary navigator to show any additional details beyond what higher level navigators allow.


Data server to where data is written.


Sequenced set of binary files used to queue and read captured transactions by Oracle GoldenGate.


Name of a solution template that has a source replicating a target.


Digital Oracle wallet used to store encryption keys, this is managed and used by the Oracle GoldenGate processes to encrypt and decrypt data at rest and in flight.