Send Requests

Use the following guidelines when sending requests using the Oracle Access Management (OAM) Multi Factor Authentication OTP REST API.

URL Structure

Access the OAM Multi Factor Authentication OTP REST resources using the following URL structure:
  • <subdomain.domain>.com:<port> is the host and port where OAM is running.

  • <resource-path> is the relative path that defines the resource.

Supported Methods

You can perform basic CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete) on OAM Service using standard HTTP method requests, as summarized in the following table.

HTTP Method Description
GET Retrieves one or more complete or partial resources.
POST Creates new resources or creates search requests, depending on the endpoint.
PUT Modifies a resource by replacing existing attributes with a specified set of replacement attributes (replace). PUT must not be used to create new resources.
PATCH Modifies a resource with a set of client-specified changes (partial updates).
DELETE Deletes a resource.
OPTIONS Default jersey support.
HEAD Default jersey support.

Media Types

The following media types are supported by the OAM Service REST API:

  • application/json

  • application/xml

Supported Headers

The OAM Service REST API supports the following headers that may be passed in the header section of the HTTP request or response.

Header Description Example

Media type of the body of the request. Required for POST and PUT requests.

Content-Type: application/json

The time in milliseconds to process the request.

X-Response-Time: 1000

Content-Types that are acceptable for the response


Authentication credentials for HTTP authentication


Initiates a request for cross origin resource sharing (CORS)