E Modifying OIG to Revert OIG-OAM Integration Configuration

  1. Revert Weblogic Authentication providers changes in OIG Domain.

    1. Login into Weblogic Administration console for OIG domain.

    2. Navigate to Security Realms>>Providers>>Authentication.

    3. Delete the following authentication providers:

      1. Delete OAMIDAsserter

      2. Delete OIMSignatureAuthenticator

      3. Delete OIDAuthenticator, if the directory type used is OID


        If the directory type is OUD or AD, delete OUDAuthenticator or ADAuthenticator respectively.
    4. Create a new authentication provider.

      1. Select New.

      2. Enter OIMAuthenticationProvider as the name of the new authenticator.

      3. Select Type as OIMAuthenticationProvider.

      4. Click OK.

      5. After creating the authenticator, navigate to OIMAuthenticationProvider details page.

      6. Set control flag to SUFFICIENT.

      7. Click Save.

    5. Reorder Authentication Providers. Select Reorder and sort the authenticator providers as follows:
      1. DefaultAuthenticator

      2. OIMAuthenticationProvider

      3. TrustService Identity Assert

      4. DefaultIdentityAsserter

      5. Other authentication providers/asserters, if any.

  2. Delete event-handler file from MDS.

    Login into Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) in OIG Domain to delete metadata files from MDS. See https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12213/oig/OMDEV/deploying-and-undeploying-customizations.htm#OMDEV5274.


    Use file name as /db/ssointg/EventHandlers.xml and start the process.
  3. Disable SSOEnabled flag from SSOIntegrationMXBean.

    1. Login into Oracle Enterprise Manager in OIG Domain.

    2. Select Weblogic Domain >> System MBean Browser.

    3. Navigate to Application Defined Mbeans >> oracle.iam >> Server: oim_server >> Application: oim >> IAMAppRuntimeMBean >> SSOIntegrationMXBean

    4. From the SSOIntegrationMXBean's Attributes tab, set SsoEnabled value to false.

    5. Click Apply.

  4. Delete the oim.conf from OHS domain.

    If you have copied the oim.conf file manually to OHS domain, then delete $OHS_DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/components/OHS/ohs1/moduleconf/oim.conf from OHS domain.
  5. Restart OHS Server, OIG and OAM domain.