Styling: Labels

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)


  • 5.0.0
  • jsdoc
Class(es) Description Example Usage
oj-label place on a label element if the label is not associated with a JET form component and you want to style it like a JET form component label. The oj-label style class gets automatically added to a label associated to a JET form component (e.g., with the 'for' attribute). .
<label class="oj-label">
  // label text
oj-label-inline place on a label element to inline the label with the sibling dom element when you don't want to use the responsive design classes (e.g., oj-md-labels-inline)
<label class="oj-label-inline">
  // label text
oj-label-nowrap place on a label element to have it not wrap.
<label class="oj-label-nowrap">
  // label text