1.3 Importing Private Non-Verisign Certificates

If the cloud adapter is hosted with a private/non-Verisign certificate, then you must import the SSL certificate as described in this section. You perform this task once per server.

To import the client certificates when using a private/non-Verisign certificate:
  1. Copy your WSDL URL to a browser.
  2. Click the Lock icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Click the link to display security information. For example, if using Mozilla Firefox, click More Information.
  4. On the Security tab, click View Certificate.
  5. Click the Details tab.
  6. Export each certificate.
  7. Open Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.
  8. Right-click soa-infra.
  9. Under Security, go to the Keystore.
  10. Select system > trust and click Manage.
  11. Click Import.
  12. Under Certificate Type, select Trusted Certificate and enter an alias.
  13. Browse and select the certificate you want to upload or add the text in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control after opening the certificate file in Notepad.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Repeat for all certificates.
  16. Restart the servers.