13 Integrating with Oracle SOA Suite

This chapter describes how Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (Oracle BAM) integrates with Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This integration captures Business Process Expression Language (BPEL) process metrics for analysis and display in Oracle BAM.

This chapter includes the following sections:

13.1 Understanding Oracle BAM and Oracle SOA Suite Integration

When Oracle BAM and Oracle SOA Suite are installed together and process metrics are enabled, the BAM data objects for SOA are automatically created when SOA composite applications are deployed and populated with metric data as BPEL processes run.

See Enabling Process Metrics.

As a BAM user in a Designer role, all you need to do is add these SOA data objects to your BAM project.

Because each BPEL process is unique, some instrumentation is required on the SOA side in Oracle JDeveloper to capture the metric data in the BAM data objects. See "Configuring BPEL Process Analytics" in Developing SOA Applications with Oracle SOA Suite for more information.

13.2 Understanding the Preassembled Dashboards

To assist you in creating BAM dashboards that work with SOA data objects, BAM provides a set of preassembled dashboards in the Process Analytics project.

These dashboards show common types of process analysis. Although designed for use with BPM, these dashboards can display data for BPEL processes in addition to BPM processes. See Understanding the Pre-assembled BPM Dashboards for more information.

See Creating Dashboards for details on how to create dashboards.

13.3 Understanding the Oracle BAM Data Objects for Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite uses the same schema for data objects as BPM. Therefore, all the BAM data objects in the default Process Analytics project in the Designer page can be used with SOA as well.

See Understanding the Oracle BAM Data Objects for BPM for more information.

For general information about data objects, see Working with Data Objects and Creating and Managing Oracle BAM Data Objects.