7 List of JAR Files Required for Build

The list of jar files that are required to do a build.

The following is a comprehensive list of jar files required for a build:

  • oracle.sca.ui.adapters.jar

  • xbean.jar

  • oracle.ide.jar from adapter_xbeans.jar/jdeveloper/ide/extensions

  • javatools-nodeps.jar from oracle_common\modules\oracle.javatools_11.1.1

  • com.oracle.ws.orawsdl_1.3.0.0.jar from modules

  • jewt4.jar from jdeveloper/jlib

  • oracle.sca.modeler.jar from jdeveloper/jdev/extensions

  • share.jar from oracle_common/modules/oracle.bali.share_11.1.1

  • bmp-ide-common.jar from developer/integration/lib

  • javatools.jar from jdeveloper/ide/lib

  • oracle.jdevimpl.wsdl.jar from jdeveloper/jdev/extensions