Completing Design of an Oracle Service Bus Business Service

This section provides an overview of how to complete design of your Oracle Service Bus business service and deploy the application.

  1. Design the contents of your Oracle Service Bus business service. For example, to configure an Oracle Service Bus proxy service in your business service:
    1. In the Oracle Service Bus Overview Editor, right-click the Pipeline/Split Joins lane and select Insert > Pipeline.
      The Create Pipeline Service dialog is displayed.
    2. Enter a name for the pipeline and select the project location, then click Next
    3. Select WSDL as the Service Type.
    4. To the right of the WSDL selection, click the Browse icon to select the WSDL.
    5. Select Application.
    6. Expand Resource Chooser and select the WSDL file, then click OK.
    7. Ensure that Expose as a Proxy Service is selected.
    8. From the Proxy Transport list, select http, then click Finish.
      The Pipeline component is displayed in the Oracle Service Bus Overview Editor.
    9. Connect the external service to the Pipeline component.
    For more information about creating and designing an Oracle Service Bus business service, see Developing Services with Oracle Service Bus.
  2. Open the pipeline that shows the default routing.
  3. Verify the service and corresponding operation are displayed in the Routing Properties tab at the bottom of the dialog.
    The outbound project is ready for deployment.
  4. Deploy the business service.


    You cannot use Oracle JDeveloper to deploy a business service to Oracle SOA Cloud Service.
    1. Select the project, then select Deploy to Service Bus Server.
    2. Follow the steps in the deployment wizard.